ABOUTCARLINIESTA.COM is my site. I wouldn’t say that I OWN everything on it since it based on photos I’ve found all over the www. You can say that I’ve borrowed 50% of it. The other 50% is 100% me though.

Aboutcarliniesta.com is all about things that inspire me. It’s my alter ego on the Internet. I’m not sure about what the end game for this site will be but I’m pretty sure that I will update it with my own portfolio which include photography, case movies and texts I’ve written during my professional career.


Just to make things clear: I wasn’t given the name Iniesta at childbirth. I actually started using the name as a tribute to the once fantastic football player and Barcelona icon Andres Iniesta.

It was right after he scored the deciding goal in Spain’s win over Holland in the World Cup finals in 2012 I started using the name. Probably because of my never-ending love to Spain’s football team which was the best team to ever have assembled during a sports event (except Dream team one in the Barcelona Olympics in 92)



My name is Carl and I’m a Swedish guy living in Stockholm. I’ve been working with communication for some years now. Started of as a photographer, who turned into an Art director and later copywriter. Turned the sails and headed over to PR and represented a couple of firms before leaving to be a freelancer. That was then, now I work as a Creative director at a Fashion agency.

I’ve worked with all types of brands/organisations during my professional career: Giants in the electronic business, iconic fashion brands and Swedish organisations. I’ve enjoyed most of the cases in some kind of way and of course I have favourites but the best thing with everything is that I’ve learned something new for every client I’ve worked for.

I also would like to thank my good friend Andreas Ovefelt for helping me setting everything up.

Yours sincerely,

Carl “Iniesta” Abrahamsson.